Saturday, November 23, 2013

Comic PLE questions

1. If John earns Ush1.5m, owns a 10million dollar complex and a fleet of cars. What is the probability that John is a minister? (20 marks)
a) 0.25
b) 0.50
c) 0.75
d) 1.00

2. Calculate how many times Besigye has got tear gased given the radius of his eyeball is 12 cm (20 Marks)

3. If Besigye leaves his house at midday and police is notified at 11:30am. Calculate the time left for evacuation of the city. (20 Marks)

4. If a polling station is located more than 100km from the city centre and there are 20 registered voters, how many votes will Museveni get? (30 Marks)
5. Constituency X is located 5 km away from the Electoral Commission and won by an opposition candidate Y. How long will it take the Electoral Commission to gazette Candidate Y (10 Marks)
a) 4 weeks
b) 5 weeks
c) 6 weeks
d) after approval from NRM.

1. Write NRM in full (start with twakowa) (25 marks)
2. What is the alternative name for a thief in Uganda
b) government official
d)all of the above (this one deserves 200 marks)

3. "The cow died" begin sentence with "death" using SEYA tense
a) Death deaded the cow
b) Death alas the cow
c) Deathent the cow?

4. Ottunu is single. He may get a wife (rewrite using impossible)
5. Rearrange "BIGEYES" to give the name of the opposition leader
6. Her name is Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagnes Nandutuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Now round off to the nearest vowel.

1. Besides Straka, name any other major land feature in Uganda (4 marks)
2. Name the country that sends troops to foreign missions but can't afford to capture Kony for 30 years (50 marks)
3. The answer is Nantaba. What is the question (99 marks)
4. Who will be Uganda's next president
a) Yoweri
b) Kaguta
c) Museveni
d) all the above

5. Which TV station do you watch if you want to sleep early
a) UBC
b) UBc
c) uBc
d) ubc

6. What is OPM in full?
a) Office of Professional Mugging
b) Organised Muggers Pub
c) Only Members' Pockets (the dime)

>>1. What do Moses Ali and Otafiire have in common with the fauna of uganda (hint it's natural habitat is Mgahinga forest)
>>2. Amama Mbabazi is
>>a) a robber
>>b) thug
>>c) prime minister
>>d) all the above (50bn marks) I think this qualifies to be a science question!
>>3. Explain why the Ugandan returned from India with an American accent
>>4. What is the common disease in parliament
>>d)day dreaming
>>e) all the above
>>5. Excluding straka, how many planets are in the solar system

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