Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blame God-excuse me!

I no longer respond to pieces that are written out of lack of a fresh touch- but allow me to respond to John Nagenda ( which means I went literary in Rukiga) attacking God that He caused all the mayhem including Bududa because of His vengeance and jealousy (NV, 16th Nov 2013).

While it is true in terms of quotations John alluded to in scriptures ( he quietly never mentioned God's mercy upon souls like him because of his godly parents-the Williams- upto one thousandth generation) he misinterprets and attributes actions resulting from our own selfish and insatiable greed to God rather than to man. When he was penning this piece, apparently some one from Philippines who understood the cause of the problem was pleading to the world leaders meeting in Poland with tears on TVs to stop abusing what God gave us in our environment.

I need to mention to John and others that God will not come to plant for you a wind breaker if you uproot it, He cares indeed for the dying in hospitals but our duty is to stop thieving genocide-rs in offices, He cares for the pupil in a rural school in Nebbi, Pader, Kalangala, Kisoro or Karamoja but our duty is to ensure that the little resource sent is not devoured by the devious sysyem, He cares for the pregnant women but surely ambulances, family planning, theaters and essential medicines are the duty of man that has turned that as an industry for greed to build houses possibly near John's residence; he is aware of dictators who cling and abuse rights but surely social justice is demanded by citizens....

Finally while God remains a soft target for the ignorant, we need to understand that His quiescence is not a weakness rather a silent reminder that when He awakes then none can escape. A book titled 'Where is God when it hurts?' by Phillip Yance would help Nagenda and his ilk to attack a proper target for better humanity.

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