Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Answer

An old widow was meeting a man at the club who also happened to be a widower and they were doing very well comforting each and talking for quite a while each time they met. They had spent about a year or so when one evening the man got down on his knee and asked for the woman’s hand in marriage which the woman gladly accepted.

However, the next day when the man woke up, he knew he had asked someone to marry him, but unfortunately, he did not remember who it was he had asked and what answer was given. He felt embarrassed and rather sad. Later in the day the old widower decided to swallow his pride and ask his close friend at the club, surely she must know.

“Hullo Cecilia, it is Cyril” the man said. “I feel very awful and silly about this, but I know you can help me. You know I asked someone to marry me you were there, were you not? I am afraid I cannot remember …”!

“Oh it was you, it was you”!! Cecilia said excitedly. “I am so glad you called Cyril. I knew I said ‘yes’ to someone’s proposal for marriage, but this morning I could not remember who it was! Once again, thank you very much for calling my dear”!!

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