Monday, October 22, 2012

Land a problem

The biggest challenge is land tenure system today. This is because Land as a factor of production has social, economic and political implications. When I focus ahead, the biggest battle and conflict in our Great Lakes region will be on land. Ethiopia has public ownership policy on land and somebody applies to USE it to build or operate but not to OWN it. The challenge is whether such conditions are attractive to investment.

I think in our case we need to look at moving away from communal land but with a view of ensuring that the poor are not marginalized in distribution but rather helped to obtain titles. I do not see us developing using communal-agrarian methods of ownership and agricultural production. South Sudan land policy is also helpful for those who need more on how to retain ownership but use it productively. Kenya's post election problem has something to do with land. Insitutions and legal frameworks will not solve this political question. I still wonder what we can do to curtail the problem.

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