Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just thinking jubilee!!!

First of all, I moved around and was attracted by the beautiful decorations around Jinja roundabout (near EC) and the beauty of being part of the Golden jubilee celebrations. Sadly however, is the fact that I believe that many deals for such a beautification have been made and hence it is like festooning a coffin. That is the danger of moving in a corrupt society that has reached clear levels of impurity.

Corruption levels have secondly increased. If you check the profile of personalities involved you find that the ‘big fish’ no longer hides in ‘deep waters’. Previously it was only the Permanent secretaries (some few who were lousy enough to be caught) and the Chief Administrative Officers at local Government level who were in the lead of devouring funds at central and local governance levels respectively.

Thirdly and more sadly to the fact that more Ugandans are joining in terms of numbers, once it was terrible to be branded corrupt. Today one of my friends boasted how he bribed and got a big construct and built himself a mansion and how useless futile it is for some of us to live another life when God has provided a way. Of course I wonder which ‘God’?

Fourthly, no institution cares except just to be part of the scam. Previously you would only blame the obvious ones like Police, Judiciary as well as the social sector centres like heath, agriculture and water .But today you are at pains identifying which institution has not been penetrated. Even those like URA which tried and are tying still are below average.

Lastly, the level of impurity is something that i will grumble and grapple with for so long. It is no longer a question of service but payment of bribes. It is no longer justice but the cost of it; etc as I will state clear cases in my blog very soon….. Watch this space.

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