Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This man is still a principal complaint was received by the Inspectorate of Government in March 2003 alleging that the Principal Moroto Core PTC Mr. O.A Owillis:

a) Sold a College generator donated by SUPERTOMS to the CAO Moroto, Mr. Lokuda Luke. b) Hired out the College Portable generator to Mt. Moroto Hotel
c) Bought his own small generator that he hired out to the College.
d) Misused the College vehicles.
e) Misused the two College photocopiers.
f) Feeds the students poorly.
g) had not allowances due to some Centre Coordinating Tutors from September 2002.

Investigations carried out revealed that:
a) The College generator was sold to Mr. Lokuda Luke the CAO of Moroto instead of Moroto High School as originally directed by the Board. Further more, it was sold at a lower price than that determined by the valuer. (i.e. Shs.10M instead of value between Shs.12M to 14M). Proceeds totalling to shs. 3m/- were never received by the College.

b) The Principal hired out the college generator to Mt. Moroto PTC at a fee t of shs. 7,000/- per day which was less than the original approved amount of shs. 10,000/-. The proceeds were never declared the to the college, but put to personal use.

c) The Principal never hired to the college his personal generator as alleged and no payments were made to him in respect.

d) Allegations of misuse of College vehicles were proved false although he carried one of his personal vehicles to Kampala using a college lorry.

e) The Principal did not misuse college photocopiers as alleged.

In view of the above, it is recommended that:
1) The Principal of Moroto Core PTC Mr. Owillis be dismissed from service.
2) The Chairman Finance Committee, Mr. Lochul Festo be removed from heading the committee and membership of the Board of Governors.
3) The Bursar of the College, Mr. Lokuko Amos be dismissed.
4) The current members of Board Of Governors be removed since they have served beyond the mandatory three-year period.
5) The Caterer of the College, Mr. Ichumar Joseph should be replaced for lack of qualification.

10 years later am told he is even promoted. JT

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