Monday, January 2, 2012

JSC shape up

The Judicial Service Commission’s recommendation to the President for the appointment of the Acting Solicitor General Mr. Billy Kainamura on 17Th June this year is a grave mistake that epitomizes the complexity of the fight against corruption.

Billy Kainamura’s appointment as a high court judge has come at a time when his name is still marred in the CHOGM report that highlights the misuse of the CHOGM funds. What is most disheartening is the fact that the Judicial Service Commission, a constitutional body established under Article 146 with a mandate of advising His Excellency the President in the exercise of his powers to appoint Judges of the High Court among others can proceed to recommend the appointment of Mr. Kainamura as a judge even when his personality is in disrepute.

How then shall we Ugandans trust the Judiciary as an institution to promote the rule of law by administering justice when some of its judges have questionable integrity? In this case the President is not to blame because as a political figure, his role to make appointments based on the advice given to him by the Judicial Service Commission.

It’s there fore prudent enough for acting Solicitor General Mr. Billy Kainamura to decline the political appointment in the spirit of nationalism and wait until his name is cleared in the CHOGM report findings. Parliament too, should halt the appointment of Kainamura in interest of public trust otherwise the corrupt will continue mocking us after taking hostage institutions that are supposed to check corruption!

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