Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EA community of thuggery- be afraid!

I am a Uganda and am shocked and disappointed at the rate of corruption in East Africa. I think the biggest heritage we share as East Africans is corruption; if you want to know more read the East African bribery index released last month. For example no body knows how much a vaccine at the Boarder. On 24th October at 11. 52 AM at Namanga boarder post a yellow fever vaccine cost two Ugandan ladies 40,000 (Forty thousand TZ) Shillings and protests to have a receipt landed on deaf ears that were connected to mouths that were threatening deportation back to Uganda. This is in spite of the fact that some were cleared without the vaccination cards and an earlier announcement that it is 12,000 Tz Shillings per shot. Whatever amount anyway why is it not receipted just like other civilized societies? As we strive towards EA community my request is to have democracies not kleptocracies. I think we are headed for trouble at this rate and only thugs can thrive like dung beetles in elephant shit... alot of opportunity to steal from the bigger resource. Jasper Tumuhimbise Kampala jaspermt.blogspot.com "I hate corruption in all its forms!"

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