Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Analysis of EA Frameworks Part 1

Throughout East Africa immediately after independence corruption was not so
rampant. There were few laws and institutions in place, however with time it became imminent that maladministration And administrative injustice became part of the political process, and this define destiny of EA nations; Lack of good governance has led to the enactment of numerous laws and creation of in various institutions.

Although East African countries boast of a robust legal and policy framework, the vice has continued to affect growth and development.
According to the EABI (2009) the Police, Revenue Authorities, Judiciary were cited among the most corrupt institutions (

These laws include among others:
The Constitutions
Prevention of Corruption Acts,
Police Act
Leadership Code/Ethics Act
Local Government Act (As amended)
Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Assets Act
Access to Information Act,

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