Saturday, January 22, 2011

True but hard to investigate technically on 9th May 2005


A complaint was received from a source that wished to remain anonymous alleging several irregularities in construction of valley dams by Directorate of Water Development.

It was specifically alleged that:-

1 a. Bill of quantities were inflated and they did not reflect what was on the ground. For example in one of the dams named Kulodwong Dam located in Alerek sub-county in Laburor County actual earthworks were estimated to be 7,485 m3 but instead the DWD paid for 15,998 m3 at a cost of 84,789 US$. Refer to Item E630

b. The spillway was never excavated. However 3,396 m3 of excavation has been paid for at 17,998.8 US$ (Item E224)(

c. Similarly with cut off trench 2,915 m3 was not excavated but at 13,117.5 US$ and (Item E323)

2a. In the case of Kailong dam the project completely failed due to lack of delivery of service providers (construction of dyke not compacted to the specifications i.e. 95% MDD maximum dry density) yet tests were paid for at 3,250 US$ (Item 1.8) for any disagreement let the officials provide test report.

b. There is also an inflation payment on the part of earth works, (there is need for verification) let him give the basis upon which this payment was made (Item 3.4)

3. General irregularities

a. The coordinator was picking money for trips but not going to the field in 2001/2002 FYs (can be verified by evidences of being in many places at the same times (e.g. Cairo and in the field).
b. Signing for fuel money and pocketing it instead of the relevant officer taking it on field trips. He must have provided false accountability.

c. Picking people’s money on their behalf and pocketing it and forging their signatures. Someone is believed to have signed for the money when he had long left this county and then another had long left the job.

d. The Coordinator received 12,000 US$ from the consultant. The consultant had subcontracted him to develop unit rates and bid document for the remaining 15 dams and valley tanks. (excluding Kailong and Kilodong) between November and December 2000. The receipt was made by Norconsult in the names of Prisma Technical Services which company is owned by Eng. Ian Arebahona, Eng. Mugambe and Eng. Lubanga himself has been very involved in the activities of this company e.g. Lubanga was Resident Engineer for Prisma during design and construction supervision awarded to the company of Nalya Estates Sewage System. It was corruptly awarded to the company by his brother in law Eng. Kasekende the then MD National Housing Co.

This never went far-technicaly Reference is also to BOQs that I accessed

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