Friday, December 10, 2010

Kanyeihamba Vs Perez Ahabwe in independent

I know both of these elders of our beautiful land Kigezi and I happen to have read both articles and in the least am so embarrased not because I never respected them but because they have stooped so low to the extent that I would wish them sucess in the 'mud'. What type of humans and misisterial material are our Kabale elders made of? Surely you can all do better- bitterness is a relative of foolishness and it would be better to look inside and reflect on who we are. First of all if I were Prof. Kanyeihamba I would never have written what he wrote then if I were Perez I would have never responded, and if I responded (by any chance) abusing others like Bahati, Banyenzaki and Nuwagaba (by the way in 2006- he was in their camp!) would be lying again so low.

Advice: Cease fire and apologize to readers, paying 3000 to read such is not helpful to any sensible Ugandan.

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