Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why parade suspects

I have read the stories about arrested journalists who have drawn-and rightly so-a lot of public outcry on the absurdity of their act. However, as an anti-corruption activist and a person who would like justice to be done I was not amused by the way they were made a ‘spectacle’ especially in Parliament. Yes, they are suspects and yes they should attract ridicule but I have not read anywhere in the penal code that a suspect is paraded before a Parliamentary Committee and then the Principal Witness (Dr Muhairwe in this case) narrating his story.

I think that if we are to curtail corruption, then every effort be made to follow the law because ultimately a suspect (at least in Uganda British system of legislation) is innocent until proved guilty and there are clear places where they are kept. Parading suspects as is done in Uganda only helps the potential fraudsters to change methods of work rather than prevention. I hope we shall take heed.

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