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Major Praise Died and they took his house

I met Major Praise in April 2005 and what he told me shocked me especialy because the Vice President wanted and indeed after his death took over his house

This is his story and more will follow:

Airforce Hqrs.
P.O. Box 105,
May 25,2005

The Inspector General Government
Inspectorate of Government
P.O. Box 1682

Dear Madam,

I would like to report to you that in the month of April 12, 2005 I lodged in my complaint but I have not been formally informed of the progress of the case. It was also the same day I approached Muhimbura & Co. Advocates.

Among the most silent issues we focused on were the person of the vice president and the involvement in land wrangle. We also focused on the far-reaching implications that would rise thereafter as he continued to infringe on the law and National Policy that protected me on the land.

So in the midst of all the above, we raised a communication to that effect to Kampala District Land Board to seriously reconsider the decision made. (See attached MA/Gen/2005 dated 12 April 2005). This was done deliberately in good faith for the sake of avoiding the anticipated legal battles and also denting the name of the person of the vice president. Further more to enable Kampala District Land Board clean their house.

Despite our effort to do away the anticipated wrangles, Kampala District Land Board seemed unconcerned on the matter and went ahead to encourage the ongoing process of acquisition of land title.

Mr. Kabuye A the Ag. Secretary DLB has a big influence over the Board and he seems to be ‘battle hardened’ in relation to fraudlent land transactions in K.C.C.
Now in order to curtail Kampala District Land Board maladministration process of the land title, we invoked section 20 of the land registration of titles act cap.230. The result of it was that we successfully placed a caveat forbidding the bringing the land under registration of the land title. (See letter T. 121/X1 dated 20th May, 2005)

Reference to my previous complaint which is now referred to as 38/4/05 dated 13-4-05, I made a revelation in my second last paragraph that the minutes made by Kampala Land Board were susceptible to manipulation because of the independence of function. It was therefore not surprising to see a turn of events that is changing the applicant from His Excellence Vice President Gilbert Bukenya to Richard Mutawonga Bukenya.

Richard Mutawonga Bukenya is ascertained as a biological son of the vice President. Vice President’s son lives in the USA and is currently a medical student. (See letter KDLB/ALL/2005 dated March 4th 2005) if you scrutinize the above letter you will realize that the application dated December 10, 2003 is not the one referred to. Therefore the application attached is dated 12th Feb 2004 and is the very application filed in the commission of Land Administration.
This is a fictious document and a fraud on the part of Kampala District Land Board. Further more if you look at the very application I very much doubt if the Vice President’s son in his present occupation or type of business is in construction. There also other discrepancies which can be put in a picture to wonder the credibility of the board.

I would like also to report that I have learnt that Kampala District Land Board is contemplating to front the former owners of the land-M/S Jiwa Hirani K & others as alternative substitute for the land. One wonders why at this moment an alternative is sought. There is no doubt to believe that money changed in hands. As you can recall in my two applications I explained how I got into the plot and also the 18 years spent on it uninterrupted. During that period I did not experience the above Asians carrying out any repairs, monitoring of the property and also relating with local authority particularly Kampala City Council.
To sum it all no ground rent was ever paid to City Council (see attached Joka Investments Limited dated 10/05/05 letter).

Therefore Kampala City Council demands a total of USHS 5,199,909 (five million one hundred ninety nine, nine hundred nine shillings). This rent started accumulating on the onset of repossesation in 1992 up to 2004. The former owners do not live in Uganda instead live in Canada.

Therefore you can realize right away from the time of repossesation there has been breaches of responsibility of their property, negligence, deliberate abscondement of rent payments and lack of interest in the property. If the land is re-allocated you can be arrest assured that the above problems will prevail and it will be big liability to Kampala City Council.

The above maneuvers made by Kampala Land Board still do not make a significant impact in my earlier complaint. In fact it is aggreviating the matter and consequence is still disastrous on their part. This supplement is intended to enrich my complaints I had earlier presented before you. I am doing it so because of the powers of the Kampala Land Board and above all the Vice President exerted force on me.

I would appreciate if this complaint is expeditiously handled so that justice is done to me and in time,

Yours faithfully,


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