Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kahinda the problem?

When you read the things that are happening in Uganda Wildlife Authority and the political head you wonder whether the problem is not with the General -who in point blank on NTV is denying that he is not a Minister in charge of crocodiles. As a governance expert I think the problem can be traced in his way of management because whichever Ministry he heads there are a lot of contravercies to the extent that he undoes what other people have done. Ofcourse the tragedy of this nation is that he is ever re-appointed in strategic ministries and now he is killing one of the core assets we had in tourism-UWA.

I evaluated one of the gorilla initiatives in Buhoma and Nkuringo (including the contraversial deal) and I still wonder why we should spend any money simply because Kwizera Rwagahungu is well connected and he does not appreciate the PPP that was entered into. Even if it has some loop holes there are other ways of review than killing the sector.

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