Thursday, September 16, 2010

internet everywhere is nowhere!

I bought the above package from orange way back in December and in the beginning it worked so well that I became a ‘marketer of sorts’ of that product especially in comparison with other data providers whose speed was slow and rather unreliable. Well later I began getting calls from friends that they have been put off because of ‘no credit’ even when the promise was that we could access for the whole month even if the download capacity has been exhausted.

Now things have changed, after a 500MB packet advertisement and purchase, I was disappointed to be disconnected in one week! And when I called the call center, the explanation was that I had exhausted my account! Of course the surprise was that I had not used it differently from the previous period. A weekend of 30th August exhaussted 1GB!

I’m aware that in this nation anything is done because Regulators like Uganda Communication Commission are either busy in collecting licenses than doing the business of consumer protection. Because of competition, the packages seem nice but the product is horrendous! As I writer one friend is also complaining that his 1GB monthly package cannot connect after twelve days of ‘saving usage’! He has also compared with the previous period and he is at pains to believe that what took a month now half of it. I think it is time for Orange to shape up or simply shape out.

I have also read similar service discontent for MTN and ZAIN, on the other hand WARID I’m told is slow but sure like Uganda Railways Corporation! Beware.... Say I never told you!

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