Saturday, July 31, 2010

If MPs can't then who

The story below has angered me more because surely if MPs cannot account for a mere 10 million, how will they manage to demand for accountability.

Even those who accounted presented what a Primary Pupil would call 'vorongoto'. My thinking is that if DEMOCRATIC INSITUTIONS CANNOT BE DEMOCRATIC THEMSELVES; THEN THEY HAVE NO BUSINNESS ASKING GOVERNMENT TO DO IT. I'm the type who believes that you cannot demand what you cannot give and give what you cannot demand. Where are the watchdogs?

MPs fail to account for fund

By Barbara Among

OVER the years, MPs have come under scrutiny for failing to account for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and this year is no different, where the study discloses that 215 MPs out of 332 did not account for the Fund that was given to them for the financial year 2007 to 2008.

The MPs are given sh10m annually to facilitate development in their constituency and though required by law to officially account for their CDF spending.

Those who attempted to account pointed out that they spent a greater part of the money in community mobilisation, especially on construction and renovations of schools, churches and health centres.

However, others spent a large sum on funerals, weddings and graduation parties. Nathan Byanyima said he spent sh5m on funerals and weddings, Ross Euku sh15m, Michael Mabikke sh2.3m, Peter Mutuluza sh1.2m,Milton Kalulu sh1.2m, Nalubega Mariam sh7.8m, and Bitamazire sh1m, Kassiano Wadri sh5m.

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