Friday, June 11, 2010

nagenda now lost

I admit being a fan of John Nagenda's column since time immemorial mainly because even if you disagreed with his views he would make sound judgements to inform Times real changeand deter. But of recent either because he thinks we are tired of Ugandan news or his absess with other nations he mainly concetrates on foreign countries and events like Israel, Golf (Tiger Woods), and spares a small last sentence either on CHOGM or now the two former Prime Ministers of Buganda with 23 words! Kiboko squad as a human rights activist he had no comment; Other scandals where he used to call for action- he seems to have joined those who think that keeping it to ourselves is better. What happened to John son of William who would stand and rebuke even his very own to 'walk in the light'? Times real change and indeed with people!

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