Friday, June 4, 2010

I met him about three years ago

Im excited to have inspired this young Austrarian!!!!

He wrote today

Dear Mr. Jasper M Tumuhimbise

My name is Daniel Mirabella; you may not remember me, I was the young Australian man who came to interview you, with my friend Charles Biweka around January 2009. (I've attached some photos to refresh your memory).

I wanted to let you know of how you have changed my life. Since arriving back home in February 2009, I seriously thought about your commitment to the common good and your conviction towards fighting corruption. I must admit I was so deeply inspired by your example so much so that I have now changed degree and I’m now pursuing a double degree in Law and Politics & International Studies at university.

I should let you know that in the end, the project I tried to support with the priest fell through as I could not establish an accountable system. However out of the darkness came light when I came across a fantastic awe-inspiring cause in Kihihhi town, South West Uganda headed by the Hon. Kyatuheire Jacqueline, who has contributed a substantial amount of her own personal income to building St.Teresa All Girl’s Boarding School, and embodies the same self sacrifice for others that you showed.

I have now in the space of a year, established an organization HOPE Uganda

( ) and work in conjunction with Rotaract Club of Perth and have recently had our project approved as a RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) project with Rotary Club of Kampala as our partner. I must say I’m very happy with the choices I’ve made and glad I met you who influenced my choice making. My passion was expressed through good solid grades for my first year of law and such grades allowed me to apply and be accepted into an International Human Rights law program where I will find myself studying Humanitarian and Human Rights law at the John Knox centre near the United Nations head quarters for Europe in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m so excited because I dream of one day working for the UNDP in the area of Democratic Governance and Transparency or for UNODC in the area of corruption; I hope I can exercise the same courageous commitment you have exemplified.

I hope you are keeping well Jasper, and look forward to seeing you again when I come back to Uganda.

By the way, did you want me to send you out a copy of those interviews? Unfortunately they didn’t turn out that great, but still I’m happy to send the DVD data disk.

Warmest regards


Daniel Mirabella
Managing Director
HOPE Uganda
+61 407 997 768

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