Friday, April 30, 2010

Shem Byakagaba -the profile

His name is Shem Byakagaba a male who was borne on a Sunday afternoon of May 14th 1967 to the late Sylivester Komwicumbiro and Mama Bujune Georgina (read Jogiina).

He is married to Sayuni Mbabazi (now Sunny)- I cannot mention the date of birth without permission the daughter of the late Keijanarwa Kezekia and Omukaikuru Kezia Kabaruli(. They have a lovely daughter who is now a candidate at City Parents School.

He began school at the age of 7 in 1975 and in Senior at Kitara S.S he was a young boy of 14 years among 'old men'. (He uses the name Kitara alot...; His education in O'level's Senior four was partly affected by what others call the 'revolution' of NRA rebels that captured power on 26th January 1986.

He passed exams(among the few) after being inspired by the elder brother and he joined from 1986-1988 a City School Kibuli S.S for U.A.C.E. He claims that he wanted to take Sciences but I can assure you that given his mathematics antics today I suggest we shelve that claim and therefore declare him a man of History, Divinity and may be Geography as well as other subjects that would usher him into the only University and dream of young men and women then- Makerere University Kampala.

He entered MUK and was sent to North Cote's occupied territory Cabinda a.k.a Nkrumah Hall. From September 1988 to 1991, he enjoyed the University despite of him having few items compared to bourgeoisie's who used to own a 'black and white' TV that would attract all hall mates to watch on Saturday football Made in Germany and on Sunday highlights of Ian Wright and Barnes John of Liverpool; I'm informed that through some of those contacts he became a foot ball fan.... not of Arsenal then because times do change.

He proceeded to Law Development Center (LDC)and completed a Diploma in Legal Practice
(DIP-LP)in 1992; It is worth noting that on his graduation in January 1991, excitement wasn't for his family alone; It was as if Bunyoro had never had any lawyer- or even graduand. Had it not been for resources to travel to Kampala, and a very bad road to and from that part of the country (the best route was I'm told through Masindi); the whole neighbourhood would have descended! 'But that never killed any part of the excitement; Son of the late Rwomwikumbiro ( who strived to educate his children through hard means including risking his life and being beaten by Soldiers of the then Obote regime)had gotten what few had managed to get.

His vocation after LDC was mainly in legal practice as a State Attorney and Legal Officer in the Ministry of Justice and the Inspectorate of Government. He also served as prosecutor in DPP’s office and Assistant Secretary to the Law Council until October 1993.

Recruited as a Legal Officer in the Inspectorate of Government he rose to the rank of Senor Principal Inspectorate Officer and during the numerous trips of Director of Legal Affairs he acted. He in 2003 joined as Deputy Director at Judicial Service Commission.

His duties changed thereafter from prosecution and advising the Inspectorate in the fostering of good governance through the investigation of cases of maladministration and corruption as well as coordinated the prosecution of Corruption and Corruption related cases in the Inspectorate to planning and Inspection of courts.

I met him in Contracts Committee at the Inspectorate of Government and new him better as his Secretary: in which he mainly helped me to appreciate that lawyers can be Christians. he ensured that as a duty we adhered to transparency and rules in accordance with the law.


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