Saturday, April 3, 2010

German firm takes voters’ cards deal

Below is the Monitor Article that brings out the democracy angle of this procurement. However to follow the kleptocracy angle I can assure you that once again procurement principles in Uganda are still just on paper!

This 64 million Euro deal (200 billion Uganda Shs) was single sourced and all rules were flouted because it was an Executive Decision. I inquired from my ICT friends outside and the deal wouldn't have gone utmost 30 million Euros..... Such corruption notes should remind us of the fact that as long as Politicians are willing to interfere with laid down processes (even when the intentions are good) technocrats will ride on it to steal. My problem is that I raised it with various anti-graft agencies who because of either urgent work or apathy left the deal to survive...

By Sheila Naturinda

Posted Friday, April 2 2010 at 00:00


A German firm, Muelhbauer High Tech International, will process voters’ cards for all Ugandans hoping to vote in next year’s general elections, the electoral body announced yesterday.

The one-month registration process of taking fingerprints and photographs for the more than 3.5million expected new voters will be done at no cost on the part of the Electoral Commission; but will be supervised by the electoral body.

“We didn’t contract the firm ourselves. We are just hiking a free ride on the same firm that will do national identity cards,” Mr Sam Rwakoojo, the commission secretary, said.

But the Democratic Election Monitoring Groups faults the EC for the delay of the registration. The group’s director, Mr Jasper Tumuhimbise, says it would be a dream for Ugandans to have such biometrics data processed in the remaining months to elections.

Nine months away
The general elections are nine months away.
“The solution is that we clean the current register with the usual means, then we use biometrics in 2016. We cannot afford to have a clean biometrics register in these remaining months,” Mr Tumuhimbise said.
The government contracted the firm last month to kick-start the processing IDs.

Dr Badru Kiggundu, the EC chairman, told journalists in Kampala yesterday that the firm is expected to deliver 4,000 enrollment registration kits to be us
ed in capturing the necessary data. The process starts on April 4.

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