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Forgery to get funds from Donors

This is a strange case where an official from one of the Coalitions together with a fake company took about 24 million Shs in a ficticious water governance deal;

The names are real and they have not been altered and the case seems to be hitting a dead end where life for the fraudsters seem to go on. They copied two reports one of which was from the organisation that I headed and the truth I wasn't surprised, the surprise is lack of action on part of our very own organisations and the fact that the perpetuators are still proud consultants even in organisations that I know stand for transparency: Please read through the mails below and make your vadict. I can assure you at an appropriate time I will expose the lot


Dear Jasper,
Greetings; Please note the mail Norman sent to Grace Maiso. Can you please share
with me what he sent you.

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East Africa.
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Tel: +256 772 662490, +257 712 234682
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--- On Mon, 12/10/09, grace williams maiso wrote:

From: grace williams maiso
To: "PERD Africa" , "perd Africa"
Date: Monday, 12 October, 2009, 8:58 AM

Dear George
This is the disclaimer and so if the he denies this is the evidence

--- On Fri, 7/10/09, norman birungi wrote:

From: norman birungi
To: "Grace Maiso"
Date: Friday, July 10, 2009, 2:21 AM

I, Birungi Norman, being a senior member of Rwenzori Anti Corruption Coalition (
member of Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda) and a frelance consultant in research,
OD, Market research and training do hereby state as follows

1. That I was contracted in my private capacity of a consultant to undertake a study
on governance issues in the water sector in the Rwenzori region comprising of the
districts of Kasese, Kyenjojo, Kamwenge, Kabarole and Bundibugyo by one Mr. Grace
2. That in the course of the study several methods were used to undertake the task
incuding but not limited to document reviews of earlier works done in the same field
within the same geographical area.
3. That since am a member of RAC and consequently ACCU, both organisations working
in the area of the study and having participated in the various studies of both
organisations in the subject if inquiry, opined that for the use of any information
including but not limited to data collection tools needed no request for permission
for use for puporses of this and other studies in the same area and subject.
4. That however, any alterations in content, meaning and any other attributions to
the report of this study are solely mine and should never in any way be attributed
to either RAC or ACCU.
5. That the similariies in fact and in content may be taken as truth or otherwise
depending on the purpose of the report user.

I solemnly agree that the content and composition of the report is mine and original.
Birungi Norman

However he later wrote that:

From: Birungi Norman, District Coordinator; RAC-Kyenjojo "
To: The Regional Coordinator, RAC

Date: 07/10/09


Following a Board meeting ofRAC and the resolution that I explain the circumstances and extent of my dealings with the above firm. I hereunder state as follows:

1. That I have never dealt or even known a firm so called PERD AFRICA until today in the board meeting. It was purported by one Grace Maiso, for whom I did some work in data collection to assist him prepare a paper he told me would be presented at a water sector stakeholder's symposium in Kampala.

2. That the said paper, as requested was never to be used for purposes of soliciting for funding of whatever form for it was only intended to contribute to the body of knowledge for which I was pleased and curious to contribute .
. ,I

3. That Mr. Grace Maiso engaged me ,in my private individual capacity save for the involvement of personalities from both ACCD and RAC to gather information for the purpose of providing a paper based on facts and examples drawn from the grassroots in the R wenzori region as had been requested.

4. That in case Mr. Maiso used the information for purposes other than what was' disclosed to me is a matter of breach of trust.
Finally, I regret whatever inconveniences my action may have caused both RAC and/or ACCD. I have never been part or an accomplish ofPERD to use the information for financial gain but rather hoped it was for purposes of sharing to inform policy and cause change for the common good.

I so state, "
'1~ Vv
B irungl c('rman

, t' "

I have note edited the two conflicting letters to mantain originality

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