Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter theft

I was paid some money somewhere part of which was one pack of 1 million Uganda Shillings. I honestly trusted the source and because of time and excitement( I had not secured money to run me through Easter) I just took the money.

I reached home and in the morning decided to count the funds in one of the pack. I checked and the number of the notes were 89; I had been stolen! The fraudster had removed 11 notes and was bright to put on top a note GG **4400 and the last was GG** 4399. The first note was the last and the last became first. I just had checked 00 and 99 and concluded that they are one hundred notes.

The removed ones were from GG** 4301 to GG ** 4311. I can assure you on Easter my prayer changed. I was so angry that some body can steal my sweat; The only soothing point was the sermon that I shouldn't despair because He passed through a similar challenge: Paying a price with his life that he never deserved. I'm trying to forgive the one I suspect but it is hard; He hard written on top 'less by 10K' yet it was by 110K and I will never know what happened since the rest is history.

Count the money before you take it away no matter the cost; Pray for our nation because people seem to thrive on other peoples sweat and one more thing.... DON'T STEAL: You will pay heavily now or in future. Each wad or pack begins not on 00 but on 01 and ends at 99... some lesson;

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