Saturday, March 20, 2010


In ACCU's newsletter Vol IV somebody was kind to write on me thus: ( I'M NOT VERY SURE WHETHER IM HUMBLED;

In the eyes of an intern A man is only as good as his word. At least that is what some people preach but only a fraction of them practice what they preach. This is not what am telling you to do, and neither is it what this script is about.
When Ruth first asked me to draft this farewell article, as an intern honestly I was hesitant. Inside my mind I did not think I was the right person to write it. I had only stayed at ACCU for a short while. But after moments of deep thought, and considering what the coalition that Jasper fought so hard to maintain would look like in his absence, I decided to give it a try. May be I wont be able to get the real picture because I wouldn’t be around then.

I think Jasper should have at least stayed a little longer. Looks like I was not the
only one thinking in that direction. Most of his close friends (at least that is what they said) confessed having tried all strategies to lure him into staying but it seems to Jasper, their advice was worse than the Jews who up to now are still waiting for the Messiah which is one unique quality that he possesses.

Well personally, I had not known Jasper for long, but the three months of interaction with him, I felt I had known him for an eternity. I have not met a fine, true and honest man like him. He has been a trusted social partner (for those that have managed to network with him can bear witness to this). Often in life even at the funeral of a close friend “God forbid,” not every one will be mourning as expected. As the Priest is saying “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want…” some folks will be sad while others wondering whether they will get
a fair share of the deceased’s property.

We must take the high road when we can and allow our common loss to bring us together. I think that’s how Jasper would want us to always do even in his absence. For he who does not weep, does not see. Contrary to what archeologists find when they
unearth old monuments and other ancient civilizations, they find stories and inscriptions of people that have been gone for thousands of years; who want to tell
us that they were here.

Jasper did not do anything to please anyone but rather to have something accomplished. They say; we leave this world just the way we came into it. So then if we leave with nothing, what then is the measure of a life? Is it defined by
the people we choose to love or is life simply measured by our accomplishments?
Jasper was a good man and am going to miss his company at ACCCU. Farewell Jasper and may you continue to remain true to your word as always.
By Arrikod Ivan

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