Monday, March 1, 2010


Ministry of Local Government –Inspectorate
-To co-ordinate and support local governments for sustainable, efficient and effective financial management and accountability of all government, donor and local funds and service delivery in a decentralized form.

8. Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
This has been the central government agency in the co-ordination of the accountability sector. The mission statement is;
To formulate sound economic policies, maximize revenue mobilization, ensure efficient allocation and accountability for public resources so as to achieve the most rapid and sustainable economic growth and development

And herein below is its mandate
i. Formulate policies that enhance stability and accelerate economic growth and development
ii. Plan and design strategies for rapid economic growth and transformation
iii. Mobilize domestic and external resources
iv. Ensure efficient allocation and utilization of public funds
v. Monitor and account for the utilization of public resources

There was overwhelming support and commendation for the central role the Ministry plays as far as the Sector is concerned but interviewees outside the Ministry were concerned about the dominancy (perceived or actual) since the bulk of sector Institutions Politically and administratively fall under Finance.

9. Inspectorate of Government
This is the main anti corruption agency in the country whose mandate is the following

(a) to promote and foster strict adherence to the rule of law and principles of natural justice in administration;
(b) to eliminate and foster the elimination of corruption, abuse of authority and of public office;
(c) to promote fair, efficient and good governance in public offices;
(d) to enforce the Leadership Code of Conduct;

At the time of interviews there was a feeling that the office has failed to collaborate with other Sector agencies. That the office should strengthen their collaborative role so that there are complimentary benefits to member institutions and the sector.

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