Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did Kayihura follow this

I read the unfortunate arrest of the Cranes goal keeper (DM 9/3; NV 10/3) by Police at Katwe for allegedly 'digging a fence of his neighbour at night'! While the allegations may be even true, I was wondering if in such a matter the 'big man' never used his powers to arrest the suspect. I 'm still puzzled as to why the Police wouldn't wait for the morning sunshine to arrest the suspect or refer the case to LCs (which in my view should have been the case) and why they have refused him to access his relatives, FUFA and friends.

In Uganda we are continuously seeing that justice is meted out depending on who is arrested or behind the arrest. The Human Resource Chief (who was called out of retirement) should be beyond reproach and explain why he filed his complaint on 'phone'- Even the SD number looks suspect: SD 17/08/03/2010 implies that sixteen cases had been registered by the time Muwonge was arrested (early morning of 08/03/2010?) When shall we act maturely? General Kaihura has a very long way to go.

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