Monday, March 8, 2010

Case number ONE

Obuzi from an Authority (newer than older) buying K sHs 250.000 in and around November 2009 in Nairobi; He bought clothes and in the airplane he purchased duty free things like there was no next day.

Given the amount of money he was having I inquired and I was told that he had a conference in a Hotel in Narobi..... Given that this is in the area of about 30,000 US$ you can guess that in one deal this gentleman got about what he would earn in a lifetime!

This is similar to an organization in Government that I know where the boss was to get about 2 Billion Ug. Shs in a deal that was cut short by internal whistle-blowers and the tragedy is that some of the above cases are being perpetuated by the very people supposed to be fighting crime! More specific cases later;

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