Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mandate 3 &4 URA and UBOS

3. Uganda Revenue Authority
This is the central body for the assessment, collection of revenue, administration and enforcement of laws related to revenue. It operates fairly independent of other institutions. According to our findings from the interviewees, the role of URA in the accountability sector is not very clear.

URA is an important member in the sector not only in the broad accountability issues but also in fighting corruption. The team observes that collection of public revenue has fundamental links to the general public accountability framework. First, if there is no transparency in collection and accounting of revenue by URA, there is a corresponding direct loss of revenue and therefore limited realization of government’s fiscal projections.

Secondly, if there is persistent lack of public confidence in how the public sector accounts for revenues collected, as citizens would expect this revenue to be reflected in the public services delivered, this will have an indirect negative implication on revenue collection through tax evasion due to apathy and fatigue on the part of tax payers. The involvement of URA in the Accountability Sector therefore enhances the strengthening of the institution’s internal transparency and accountability systems and at the same time it helps other institutions appreciate that better accountability for revenue in terms of public service delivery enhances the revenue base to facilitate government operations.

4. Uganda Bureau of Statistics
This is the government institution charged with development and maintenance of a national statistical system to ensure collection, analysis and publication of integrated, relevant, reliable and timely statistical information. The bureau is in charge of co-coordinating, monitoring and supervision for the national statistical system and for other matters incidental thereto.


Many respondents did not appreciate the membership of the bureau within the sector. However, it noted that UBOS plays a pivotal role in all planning and co-ordination of government processes. Government planning relies on a coherent, reliable, efficient and demand-driven national statistical system to support management and development initiatives. UBOS plays this part and the institution’s membership in the Accountability Sector should therefore facilitate the sector in the achievement of the broad sector objectives.

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