Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mandate #2 Ministry of Public Service-Inspection

The main mandate of Ministry of Public Service is to actualize the need for a Public Service that is efficient, effective and accountable in the delivery of Public Services in support of social transformation of Uganda into a modern state. The Ministry is charged with formulation and implementation of policies and programmes for the Public Service of Uganda.

The Inspectorate Department of the Ministry is mandated to develop performance standards for the Public Service; to carry out inspection and monitor the performance of both the Central Ministries and Local Governments in order to ensure total compliance with the set standards, rules, regulations and procedures; and to offer technical guidance, where necessary, to facilitate improved service delivery at the least cost to the citizens of Uganda with the aim of realizing the Public Service Reform Programme (PSRP).

The main objectives of the Department are to ensure compliance with set standards, rules and regulations, so as to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Service as well as enforce discipline among Public Servants and to improve customer responsiveness, accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery by Public Servants.

It was noted that this is a key institution within the Sector whose expertise and wide mandate should be utilized to enhance accountability among public servants and therefore achieve the objectives of the Sector.

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