Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kenya stealing funds for Free Primary Education!

Dear Sir
I have read the story and the rhetoric surrounding the scandal of stealing funds from the education Ministry meant for Free Primary Education. Kenya like Uganda has leaders who are so hardened in the sense that they have no shame when it comes to corruption and to the extent even top leadership offers 'lip service'.

I happened to have read the book 'our turn to eat' by Michelle Wrong and the truth is that as nations even before we talk about integration we need to act against corruption. You can't integrate economies managed by 'thuggery" for thuggery and through thuggery!

Kudos to the Kenyan Civil Society calling on those suspected to resign, Citizens are not as the society thinks. If citizens can kill a chicken thief then they would also kill a CHIEF thief- the only difference is the environment in which each of the categories of thieves operate in.

To state or even insinuate that the citizens have no will to fight corruption is more like stating that patients have no desire for treatment. What they do not know may be the extent of the sickness and the virus responsible- but they hate it and they need support rather than social exclusion. Political will comes first not social will. East Africans may be asleep but they are angry against those fleecing funds from their coffers!

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