Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dealers or Leaders ?

One of my friends Ronnie Mbabali stated that "Leaders are good, infact very good, very, very good until when they change the spelling of word LEADERS by interchanging the L and D then they become ........... Gob Bless us". And clearly it is a fact that once upon a time our leadership lead: but 24 years later our leaders have become dealers.

The tragedy though is that people still cherish the positions of leadership so as to become dealers. In 1986 H.E Museveni stated that ... this is not a mere change of guards but a revolution... and that was true. There was clean leadership until a time when the revolutionaries involved themselves into deals thus we have dirty dealership.

I now say .... we need a change of guards rather than a mere revolution... Dealers should vacate leadership and Leaders should not be allowed in dealership! The two cannot work together- they are mutualy in opposition since one serves public interest and another personal. The conflict is BIG.

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