Friday, February 5, 2010

The dawn of corruption: a personal experience

In the next series I'm going to high light cases of corruption that are personal and specific to me as a retired or tired cadre. I will attempt to put them in five categories

1. NGO, CSOs, FBO and CBOs

As earlier written on some cases in CBOs, I can only add. It is unfortunate that service delivery doesn't reach because those supposed to provide it are normally corrupt. We are in a corrupt society, so are the NGOs even those that appear to be anti-corruption on paper. Stealing of fuel funds, per diem, fictitious receipts ad nauseam are just part and parcel of the accountability processes in this area.

2. Government Institutions

As in earlier blogs I will attempt to now relate massive corruption with specific personal cases within Government. I will even target the anti-graft institutions so that you know how far we have lost as a nation;

3. Donors or are they called Development Partners?

As I worked, I found that donors facilitate and take part in the corruption package. Kick backs, job placements, strange procurements, fake consultancies, patronage etc define their major engagements

4. The Media

As the private Sector I will sight you quite a number of cases where the media was not only compromised but participated in extortion either to 'kill' stories or to cover perpetrators of corruption. Special focus will be on journalists who have approached me or the institutions that I served in for bribes. Others took money for talk shows and never remitted it....

5. The Private Sector

It seems like there isn't any free service provider in Uganda. I never imagined that a private company would return to pay a 'thank you' for a tender awarded; Or even attempt to flout a procurement process. In fact one of the biggest offers of a bribe came from a consultancy on 'good governance'.

The above five areas I guess will help you to appreciate the level of corruption within various sectors and I hope you will now unpack the bags, put in place 'katogo' bowls so that we may get cooking.

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