Saturday, February 20, 2010

Accountability Sector III Structure

Sector Structure
According to the Accountability Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (ASSIP) of 2008-2013, the agreed structure is composed of various committees and a close analysis revealed that while some committees are provided for, they are not as active as they were originally expected. Here below is a brief description of the Sector structure;

The Leadership Committee
This is comprised of ministers and heads of constitutional institutions. This committee is supposed to meet annually or as required to provide political and policy guidance.

Accountability Sector Steering Committee
This is composed of Permanent Secretaries and Accounting Officers to provide policy direction and technical guidance.

Accountability Sector Working Group
This is composed of Directors/Commissioners of the Sector member institutions who meet regularly to develop sectoral work plans, programmes and activities.

Sub Committees/Working Groups
These can be formed to perform specific tasks as and when they arise.

Stakeholders’ Forum

Stakeholders can be brought on board through regular consultative meetings designed to promote coordination and sharing of information with them. Key stake holders include the Donors, Civil Society Organizations and sister sectors like the JLOS. It is envisaged that close cooperation between the accountability sector and other interrelated agencies will develop.

The sector secretariat would support the development of the accountability sector and ensure that the programmes of the sector are pursued. This will be manned by full time staff.

Observations on the structure:

While the rationale for the creation of the Accountability Sector is to have a common focus through coordination, cooperation and information sharing among the Accountability Sector core members and key stakeholders with a view of realizing efficient and effective planning and delivery of services, it was noted that this has so far not been achieved to a great extent. It was also noted that even the Sector Committees that are provided for in the ASSIP are largely non functional.
There is urgent need to further assess, analyze and define an appropriate, efficient and practically effective structure for the Accountability Sector considering the diverse roles and mandates of the various members of the Sector.

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