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Would I nominate Justice Faith Mwondha as the annual activist

ACCU's name and shame that I presided over while working as a Coordinator last December as stated in my earlier posts attracted a lot of debate. Again in my view this should in all ways be taken as a public perception because as a former work I would hesitate to nominate the Lady I respect as especially an elder in Christianity Lady Justice Faith Mwondha.

I worked with her briefly (about 1 year and 4 months) and either because of my initial liking for her predecessor Jotham Tumwesigye, I recall having misgivings on her personality. As mentioned in the book it was difficult to zero on an activist without a scratch.

The reasons advanced for naming people in the category of anti corruption champions
included efforts made by the person in the fight against corruption, discussion of good national issues, good governance, building of schools and hospitals, ethical & professionalism and having a clean media record of not having been reported to be implicated in corruption related scandals. In her category she was named for mainly being tough and born again!

ACCU book profiled her as detailed below:

Justice Faith Mwondha

Born on March 16th 1954, Faith Essy Kalikwani Mwondha was appointed the IGG in 2005 replacing Jotham Tumwesigye . Before that she had served in the capacity of a Judge at the high court. She also worked as a commissioner at Uganda Human Rights
Commission. Currently deployed at Nakawa High Court as a Resident Judge, the former Inspector General of Government during her first term of office ensured that a number of powerful personalities appeared in court on corruption charges. The cases in point are the three former ministers of health who are implicated in the GAVI scandal.

Her bravado and no nonsense character towards the corrupt saw her lock horns with a number of politicians whom she investigated and prosecuted accordingly. This earned her the name of “iron lady” in the media. It is her zeal and passion as a government ombudsman that made her office feared by many politicians and public servants making her personality stand out in the public spheres as a graft fighter.
For this, majority of respondents perceived her as an anti corruption champion worth the recognition in this maiden publication. Her contribution to Inspectorate of Government is recognized by the public as an exemplary person who dedicated her life to fight corruption.

The former NRC member for Butembe county and Jinja Woman CA delegate was confirmed a
Chief Magistrate in 1990. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University (1974-1977), Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Law Development Centre) and LLM degree in Business Law from De Montfort University in Leicester (2006).

Again for me and those who worked with her indeed have a total different picture of Faith. If the survey was to be done within her institution she would be on the other side! Of course people have weaknesses but champions should definitely be beyond reproach- internally as I said she was not- which brings the tragedy of naming even those we suspect! What a job!
The independent News Magazine, 15th April, 2009.
The independent News Magazine, 15th April, 2009.

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