Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hon Tinkasiimire: swallow your pride and go home:

In response to the article that run in the Daily Monitor on the Wednesday November 25th 2009 titled University expels MP for cheating as well as Monitor editorial was spot on and the true, the writing on the wall is clear for our political leadership
Uganda is going through a demoralizing, frustrating and annoying situation. From stories of public figures caught with monies enough to finance the quarterly budgets of two Sub Counties combined, to funding of ghost drug centers.

On Wednesday 25th November it was alleged that one Barnabas Tinkasimire the MP of Buyaga County was expelled from the Islamic University where he had been pursuing a Bachelors degree in Law on grounds of examination malpractice. What is even more annoying is that even after the so called honorable Member of Parliament was discontinued from the University following a ruling that was passed by the University Council that sat on 5th November 2009; he still claims he has not received any formal communication despite the notification that was placed on the University notice board.

What is surprising however is the fact that Barnabas thinks by virtue of having a title of Hon Member of Parliament, he is more privileged than the other eighty students that were also dismissed from the same University though on different grounds. What kind of representation is he demonstrating to his constituency?
It is the likes of such inconsistent and corrupt government officials that have on several occasions preached against alcohol but contrary to their propaganda, caught drinking the same. I think it is high time the Honorable Member of Parliament be relived of his duties as a Member of Parliament and this time be communicated to using a notice the size of a billboard to make it more clearer.

I also think it is high time Parliament separated the fools from the real gentlemen. He had a case to answer while working in the district in Eastern Uganda and he was arrested for a corrupt crime. We expected him to learn from history but such are our leaders! such are the Honorables!

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