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CHOGM corruption... Heads should roll

Prof Gilbert Bukenya the vice President chaired the subcommittee meeting of CHOGM and was supported by Hon Kutesa, Hon Hope Mwesigye (Minister for Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries) Matia Kasaigya and John Nasasira (Minister Works and Transport)and in a series of scandals this team seems to have been prepared to reap from CHOGM.

On Motor Vehicles
Motor vehicles purchased from Motor Care the Year of manufacture-2005 (to be precise July 2004)instead of 2007. The lease and purchase of 240 official limousines for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Uganda had the word scandal written all over.

The BMW station wagons arrived in the country without the official stamp of the manufacturer; No plate usually placed at the back of the vehicle to prove its originality. Supply of a mixture of both manual and automatic cars by Motor Care Uganda as opposed to automatic petrol cars initially ordered for by the Government.
Specifications were not followed, advertisement and othe procurement procedures were flauted and the beneficiaries are still in their big offices...

Foreign Affairs to explain why217m was paid for a refrigerated van and canine pick up and also why the first successful bidder never took up the offer.

The Sh26.3bn spent on transport includes about Sh5bn spent on renting other vehicles; like buses, drivers’ accommodation, washing, allowances, etc.
A total of 1,241 vehicles were used during the CHOGM. Vehicles such as the Subaru type used by the Police were supplied by other companies.
The lease and purchase of 240 official limousines for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Uganda had the word scandal written all over.
The BMW station wagons arrived in the country without the official stamp of the manufacturer; a plate usually placed at the back of the vehicle to prove its originality.

73b – Transport infrastructure from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
46b-from Treasury
8b was taken for the construction of the Northern By Pass
31b was not accounted for
Of the sh370b CHOGM expenses, about sh100b went to road works, according to the Auditor General’s office. These included emergency road repairs, road improvement and road maintenance.

Investigations carried out by both the Auditor General and the procurement body, PPDA, found “gross mismanagement” in the procurement process of the emergency repairs.

Contracts worth over sh10b were awarded without any competitive bidding, moreover to companies which did not meet the basic criteria.
In the case of road improvement, where there was restrictive bidding, variations for additional works were approved, in some cases hiking the original contract sum to over 100%, without PPDA clearance.

The auditors further found that contract sums were well above the engineer’s estimate for most road projects. At times, double the amount was paid of what the engineer of the works ministry had estimated.
Rates per kilometer for the same works also varied considerably, both in terms of road works executed and consultancy services, with some being paid the double of others.

From the reports, it further emerged that the same roads were worked on two and even three times in the course of one year.
Pothole filling was done under emergency repairs in early 2007, followed by resealing under the road improvement programme and pothole filling again under the maintenance programme in late 2007.
The quality of the works in many cases was doubtful, the auditors of COWI, a private firm hired by the Auditor General, found.

On the few roads where a physical audit was done, they found that the quantity of several materials was less than what was certified by the consultant and paid for. In addition, a number of CHOGM roads which were designed by the consultants were never worked on, while other roads that were not part of the original CHOGM plan were worked on.
Moreover, many works were not completed by the time CHOGM started, and road works continued long after the summit ended.

CNN deal 75m U$
Globe cast 7.8b no documents
Satchi and Satchi 1.4b. paid
No supporting documents 2.4b contracted
HOTELSMay 2008 report
Imperial Royale Hotel
Common Wealth Resort 38 b
3.4b construction
6.1 b Furniture
Double booking- How do you book for delegates
Bare bay Hotel (Joseph Behakanira) J&M airport 2.2 b contribution (interest free loan) on 16/11/2007 six days before.
Hotel Africana 1.2b peoples space
2b hiring conference facilities and bookings
Imperial Royale + Botanical Beach 8.1b hire of conference + rooms
Additional compensation charges: 0.733m US$ (1.5b)
Karim approximately 21m for the purchase of meeting unit
Serena Hotel (Aga Khan) 1.8b
1.8b conference facilities and advances returned (492m) rooms paid for
2.2b for consultancy, refurbishment and remodeling.
1b for furniture
Golf Course Hotel
409m paid and 90m recovered.
1.4b conference and accommodation. 238m recovered.

Speke Resort Munyoyo
38b spent on Munyonyo
Of this amount, 15b was used for the construction of the resort (25%), 8b was used for the construction of parking and drive ways, 1b was used for the construction of the entrance guest house,5b was used for the construction of marina pier, 5b for hire conference space/accommodation Commonwealth Resort and 3.5b for hire conference space/accommodation at Speke Resort.
J &M Airport Hotel
The Government contributed sh2.2b to the construction of J&M Airport Hotel on Entebbe Road, owned by business man Joseph Behakanira and his wife.
Hotel Africana
The Government paid almost sh1.2b to Hotel Africana for the construction of the Peoples Space. This involved paving of 5,800 square meters, three platforms, a gate house and steel gates, electrical fittings, the construction of 16 semi-permanent shelters and VIP toilets.

Imperial Royale
The Imperial Group of Hotels owned by Karim Hirji, housed the Commonwealth Youth Forum, as well as the CHOGM media center. The two hotels, Imperial Royale and Imperial Botanical (Entebbe) received a total of sh 8.1b for hire of conference halls and advance payment of rooms.
Serena Hotel
Serena Hotel, the venue for the opening of CHOGM, owned by the Aga Khan group, received sh1.8 b for hier of conference facilities and advance payment for rooms. The Hotel dutifully paid back $246,000 (sh492m) considered recoreable, meaning the guests showed up and paid their bills. In addition, Serena received sh2.2b for consultancy, refurbishment and remodeling of the hotel and the adjacent International Conference Centre.
Sheraton and Golf Course.
Sheraton Hotel received sh1.4 b for confrenece and accommodation facilities, while Golf Copurse recived sh409m. Both Hotels paid back the amounts recoverable, sh238mand 90m respectively.

OthersWater and Electricity 3b
Auditor Generals Reports

I don't know why we cannot arrest them; Check Fraud especially and double payments
Vehicle leasing etc

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