Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are Riches worth living for?

Of recent, I have changed my thinking on the word ‘riches’. Worse still, I shudder when I think of riches obtained by or through corrupt practices. Many people a living behind their shadows simply because of pursuit of corruptly obtained assets.

All of us know that corruption has many effects. There are social as well as psychological effects. It isn’t the average person who suffers or some old aged senile. Everybody; especially the basic structure of the family is affected. I was arguing with my family friends that ‘if you want to destroy a family you don’t need a bomb or a nuclear missile - you just take away one of the family heads'. That is why death of a partner (male or female) usually affects life within that family.

Still if a family member is imprisoned for any reason, there must be deep effect on the family life. Worse still if the reason of imprisonment is ‘theft’ of public funds. The effects are sometimes so terrible that children live with it for the rest of their lives. It is hard to believe ‘of course that daddy-the beloved can be a thief! Children of one corrupt minister were flown out to reduce on trauma.

The problem of corruption is as old as the first person on planet earth. Scriptures do not hide that the love of other things like wisdom, life, food made man err. The option is to go back to the Creators principles, but because of greed, and lustful desires it looks like the war will and must continue.

It is rather risible that we inherit some of the corrupt thinking through “education systems”, relatives and friends. Many people today particularly the young and better educated-regard a ‘kind of corruption’ as normal and essential to reach and maintain a certain level of living standards. They are greed for things rather than desiring them. They lust rather than love. And boy-they find themselves hooked to the principles that they may not necessarily like!

This type of thinking has serious implications for society at large. The philosophy of “get as much as much as you can, as fast as you can, in almost any way you can” - soon starts to take over-particularly among new graduates in the fields, who have had no experience of a world without corruption and therefore accept it as part of-as well as a way of life.

Little do they (or is it we?) know that there is no statistical evidence that the richer you are the better the life. On the contrary, ‘riches (read money) do not mean happiness and happiness is not riches!’ This myth that money is a haven of comfort has gone on for long without being challenged that to consider an alternative is rather appalling and viewed as an attack to man’s real being.

But NO! It might be a very wrong assumption. And I will attempt to disprove some of these theories by giving some examples in real life in the coming series and it
will be up to the read to sift and sieve so as to get some grain and possibly think or act otherwise as we get cooking!

I will begin with a lady because of the natural principle to have ladies first. On 21st November 1988 the daily media in the western world reported in detail the death of a certain woman. It was no ordinary woman, otherwise the press as we all know wouldn’t have bothered to give her an inch of a column! No she was a very prominent lady who in her life was occupied with her appearance and making headlines.

Her name was Christine Onassis. Perhaps some recall some of her details. She died suddenly in the course of her visit to Argentina. The diagnosis of her death showed the usual nonsense killer disease that reaps most of ‘us’ the rich and that is ’heart failure’.

Was this woman happy? Yes and No depending on how one defines the word. But the facts are that although she was a multi millionaire heiress of her father’s fortune, loneliness and various storms dogged her way. Four times she married - and for times she divorced. In 1971 she attempted suicide. She lost her rich parents and her brother within a period of 26 months. Close friends stated that she was a depressed woman and that she would abuse her maids and bodyguards frequently. No body talks of drug abuse ….. and the list goes on.

She was indeed very rich but it seems that life is not about riches alone. She also needed love, comfort, friends,hope etc. The example mentioned above shows that riches good as they are, might not bring happiness but rather misery. There are many more examples and this should teach us that money and riches might not be a solution to our problems but the love for it - the cause. How can we kill so many to earn so little a joy?

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