Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Bafuruki in Bunyoro

I read the President's letter on Bunyoro and as a mukiga I must declare my interest first..... However, I think Uganda had outlived this! Well well; once again judgement best on origin... Thought this was 21st century. However the difficulty in H.E Museven's letter is to find quick solutions for long term problems... or get a political answers for socio-economic questions. Who would care for land if they were educated and getting better health services?

It doesn't work. By the way who supported the NRM sponsored Parliamentary candidate, Ngoma Ngime in Mbarara in 2001? May be that is so long ago and it is an urban center or ultimately the Mbarara people are more developed than those being advised. History has not taught our leadership to shun tribalism. As a person, I have since left tribalising any thing because both my friends and fraternities (including those I call now relatives) are not from my ethnic origin. We are now socialising using religious, as well as socio-economic affliations and that is why I consider the letter an absurdity.

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