Thursday, August 27, 2009

LC I without any receipt

An LC I official in Namungoona Lubya I in Rubaga Division has 'stolen my money'. I sent my maid to him and he 'extorted' 10,000 as stamp duty for an introductory letter! No receipt, no acknowledgement! I know someone is already thinking that is little.... I have his phone and I will call him I'm still coining the words and anger... We must rid this nation of dependance on corruption, 'small mercies'... Hard earned coins can't go like that.

He states in his letter that "Mr Tumuhimbise is personally known to us...." and he signs his name and gives his phone. The problem with such payments or tips is that they affect a genuine citizen that cannot afford. Further still, failure to give any receipt simply means that it is pocketed and used for personal gain. I wish our organs would bite such little gods!

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