Thursday, July 9, 2009

What now ? Money to investigate stolen!

When I read that funds to investigate global funds case totalling to about 900 million went missing. The tragedy of that scenarios what journalist normally call a news catcher:
' if a dog bites a man there isn't much to report' but if a man bites a dog!...
If a boat goes into water that is normal but if water begins going into the boat...!
If the plane goes into the air no deal but if the air goes into the plane....
If the bird flies that is its nature but if they fly a bird it is already dead...
Which raises questions on who will investigate the investigator who wanted to investigate the global funds and stole it?
O Uganda the land that feeds us!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jasper,
Thumbs up for the commendable job your doing.
I sent you mail in response to some article in volume 11 of the news release. Hope you got it though i had used your old adress.
Please get me informed coz i can as well resend it in case it missed you