Monday, June 29, 2009

Opposition or government same? Oh Lord deliver us

When you hear a siren, you guess that a vehicle is carrying any of the 4Ps; Police, Prison, Politician or Patient (or a combination of the above). There is a siren, and we are interpreting it differently. Many suggest that most of the time leaving others to stand implies that you are not popular or you were not cheated. That is the tragedy of misrepresentation of electioneering in Africa. In my view, it simply means that you tried your best (or worst) and therefore you are letting others to see how to complete the political equation.

Mr McCain or Ms Clinton won’t contest in future USA presidential elections, not because they never got good support, no. They tried and, thankfully in their political maturity, they allowed others to try. If John Kerry stood again, where would we have gotten an Obama?

How shall we know we have good leaders if those on the stage seem to suggest that they are the best dancers even when it is obvious that they are sleep-walking? Even the infamous Mugabe has some supporters who think that he is not senile.Ignore the written code on term limits- go for the principles of good governance. I wish both the leaders of the NRM and the Opposition saw beyond themselves.

If the NRM paid its members (including a Speaker) to change the Constitution; I can bet the Opposition would follow suit, if they had the means. Look at NRM appointing losers as presidential advisors and FDC appointing losers as envoys; NRM’s Secretary General in the Temangalo scandal and DP’s Secretary General issuing a bounced cheque;
manipulation and bribery at NRM’s delegates conference and so on are comparable with our elderly politician Bidandi Ssali’s election in a delegate’s conference hosted in his very own Kiwatule grounds.

NRM uses the corrupt as political capital and the Opposition uses them as political gain. I haven’t seen the ruling party or any political party shunning the corrupt. That is why my prayer is no longer for the Lord to protect but to deliver us from the very leaders. Indeed the siren is on, we need to look at the signs of the times we live in; we are patients that need help, not police that are clearing a way for politicians or prisoners.

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