Friday, June 19, 2009

No need for only words

I no longer believe in just words from our leaders, That is why I told Katende of independent magazine that I disagreed with The President's reiterated claim to fight corruption in the state of the nation adress.

Katende wrote that" ....On New Year’s Eve, he said: “I am directing that emphasis on value-for-money must be strengthened, to ensure that available resources are spent well and high return public investments are given high priority.” This time in parliament he said: “the position of the movement government as stated in NRM manifesto of 2006 is zero tolerance to corruption. That remains our position.” Despite the presence of measures to fight corruption like the enactment of anti corruption laws, many people remain skeptical about the government’s will to finally root it out. The office of the IGG which has somehow managed point a finger at corrupt officials remains in a mess but the president chose not to mention anything about it..
The national coordinator for Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda, Jasper Tumuhimbise, says the President’s speech about fighting corruption was hollow. “We need something beyond rhetoric. Institutions like the court have to be facilitated by political will.”
Generally, many people in the know say the President’s speech offered little or nothing new as many of the issues he raised have been heard more than once. Indeed according to them, this state of the nation address will be the same as next year’s...."

I stand on the above stand...

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