Friday, June 12, 2009

Corruption-Uganda's roads need a check II

Just Like last year, with a total of sh1.2 trillion allocated to the sector – or 17% of the total expenditure; But we are not sure of last years allocation i.e whether the 1.1 trillion was used and there is value for money.

On what we see every day, the weekly observer on the 11th September 2008 reported that the much awaited northern bypass has cracked even before its official opening. The road estimated at Shs 89 billion popularly known as the Kampala northern by pass has not been useful and its future is not clear.

The road was supposed to have been opened in November 2006, but now it has been extended twice and therefore this calls for the following questions:-

Ø What can we do to have the by pass opened?
Ø What can we do to prevent future cases of a similar nature?
Ø Who is responsible?
Ø Do we need to look at contractual details?

The above questions are being asked mainly because there was a need to have this road since all efforts to curtail the the traffic congestion in Kampala have been and will remain in vain with such investments becoming liabilities even before our very own eyes. For this FY, new road projects announced include the rehabilitation of 395km and the tarmacking of another 1,061 km of national roads in the buget. But the dilemna is if one can't complete an 89million project at the heart of the Capital city then....

Come let us reason together!

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